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Citysafe 01-01-2016 22:28

Ancona (Italy) to Croatia ferry
We are thinking of using this route on our summer tour. Has anyone used it before? What are the ferries like, accommodation (can you stay in your motorhome?), and have you travelled in a vehicle over 3metres in height?

StephandJohn 02-01-2016 15:39

Bumped this up because I'd be interested in the answer too.

Mrplodd 02-01-2016 19:43

Height won't be an issue, it takes artics!

Can't help with the other answers though, dont the ferry company have a website?


Citysafe 02-01-2016 21:27

Thanks they have a website but the max height in the drop down is 3 m and although cabins are advertised we couldn't see if staying in the van was an option - it often isn't.

Mrplodd 02-01-2016 21:43

For some bizarre reason I have it in my head that camping on deck is still allowed but I have no idea why!!!

As for the height issue it might be that you would need to speak (email?) with them as you might have to go in with the trucks (best to confirm before arriving rather than to find there is an "issue")


PeteFarnell 02-01-2016 23:00

We did Split to Ancona a couple of months ago with Snav. our motorhome is 3.1m, as has been stated height is no problem, we were parked with the coaches and HGV's. We drove on forwards expecting to drive out the other end of the ferry, but nope, they had us doing a 20 point turn inside! The coaches and HGV's reversed on - that would have been much easier.
The ports at either end were easy to negotiate.
We weren't allowed to stay in the motorhome, we took a pet friendly on suite cabin as we were travelling with two dogs. Seats were available if you prefer. The restaurant on board was very good.
If I can help with any more info please get in touch.

Citysafe 03-01-2016 08:48

Thanks Pete this is really useful.

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