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Are you talking about a hard glass window that sits in a rubber seal - a bit like an old fashioned windscreen? If so I'm sure I remember a technique involving a piece of string and a bit of Fairey Liquid.
I think it goes like this:
a) put the glass into the rubber surround
b) smear a little fairy liquid (silicone lubricant sounds a bit better than fairy liquid but it wasn't around the last time I had to do this on an old car!)
c) run the string all the way around the outside slot in the rubber seal, keeping the loose ends together near the bottom
d) get someone to offer the glass/seal up to the opening engaging the bottom of the seal in the hole.
e) with your assistant trying to press the glass into place, slowly start to pull the string so that the rest of the seal is pulled through and into place - both sides at the same time

I hope that someone who has done this more recently than me will correct/expand this procedure!
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