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redkite93 27-05-2014 12:23

Advice needed. Accident in Spain.
Father in law has been sandwiched between two lorries in northern Spain. Thankfully no injuries.... But vehicle not drive able or even fixable according to the local garage. In a local hotel waiting for insurance company to do there thing.
So I'm asking for any advice or information that they might need apart from the ones that immediately spring to mind, ie keep all receipts.

hogan 27-05-2014 12:40

I would advise that any paperwork that you have or need to hand over is to get at least 2 copies.

inkey-2008 27-05-2014 12:53

I would advise him to find a storage place to put all the bits and bobs in, the van will be unlocked and be handy for any toe rag to help themselves.

And find a one way van hire to bring it home.

If the van is a right off I doubt they will bring it home, my friends was left in southern France after it was written off, he then had to return with another van to get all the personal bits back home.


Grizzly 27-05-2014 13:14

Also make sure that he takes a note, at the time, of who says what to whom, dated and timed and with the name of person who said it. It is useful, if you have any comeback with the insurance company or anyone else, to be able to quote back exactly what was said and who said it. With the insurance company it might be useful, at the end of any conversation, to give them a summary of what you think was agreed and ask them to confirm that this was so.


SilverFox13 27-05-2014 13:34

We had an incident near Taragona a few years ago and had the van towed to the nearest Hymer dealer, which, although being super helpful we thought later that we should have got the van to the nearest campsite and weatherproofed it there and give ourselves some time. The insurer (Saga) seemed unsure of whether to repatriate it or get it repaired in Spain.
The van ended up being repatriated to the UK which turned out to be disasterous. Some advice here .. it was looted and damaged so badly on its route home that it was a total write off when it arrived in the UK.
We did eventually get paid out but wish we had emptied the van prior to transit.
Send them my best wishes.

raynipper 27-05-2014 13:38

Take pictures of every conceivable thing.!!!


Penquin 27-05-2014 13:42

Like Ray, take pictures not only of where it happened but of everything inside the vehicle and also of any people that you deal with, including date and time if possible (although if digital that information is on the exfil data automatically.).

Ask the insurance company to accept all liability and to allow you to return home, but do take all documents with you and as many of your personal possessions as you can - arrange for the one-way hore of a van rather than a car from e.g Hertz or Avis so that you can transport as much as possible.

Sad to hear of the incident, I hope it gets sorted soon....


javea 27-05-2014 13:58

Probably a bit late now, but did he get the other parties to fill in the European Accident Form so that liability is clear. If he did make sure that he keeps copies before sending them off to his insurer.

Does he have ADAC cover as they will assist with getting him back to the UK together with his possessions.


thieawin 27-05-2014 15:33

Assuming he has insurance cover for repatriation of himself and contents if vehicle is written off.

1. Find somewhere secure to store contents. There are secure "trastero" places
2. Empty the van and move contents to secure storage. Hire a van if necessary. Use that as secure storage for a day or two.
3. Photograph everything

From my fathers experience some years ago unless the insurers are willing to pay one way van hire for contents to be brought home it will be cheaper to return to UK and then drive over with a transit, trailer or smaller van, collect and return

TheNomad 27-05-2014 15:42

Many smartphones now have a memo function where you can actually record a face to face conversation. May bs useful to record anything that anyone says to him about the accident as audio files using that facility. I also have a free app i have downloaded to my phone that records both sides of all my phone callsmade and received and keeps the last 10 of them (unless or until I save any of them to an archive folder). VERY USEFUL!

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