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Interesting article! I have a master 2.5 with 40000 on the clock with no problems so far, but I have known of this problem with the tri pod joints for a number of years, on a number of Renault vehicles ,
I personally think that the tri pod joint doesn't have enought mating surfaces in comparison to the conventional inner constant velocity joint so more load is concentrated in fewer places, ie 3 instead of 5/7
It's imperative to use the correct oil elf tramself NFP 75w-80 full synthetic meeting API GL-4+ specification,
The six speed box (PA6) takes 2.7 litres, but has been said you need a special dipstick (0000167500) to make sure you don't overfill,
On my own vehicle a gearbox oil change will be included this spring for my piece of mind,

Now reitired thank god , looking forward to flying when the weather is good or motorhoming when itīs not, just like to get away from it all now I can take it easy.
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