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I can categorically say, as I have read the guidance notes on the MOT tester's screen and asked his (Ford Commercial main dealer) interpretation of the rules concerning headlamps, that the headlamps do not have to point left on dip beam. For test purposes the headlamps must not dazzle oncoming traffic when dipped, but must show enough light to enable the driver to drive safely in the dark, therefore a device which blocks the 'dazzle' part of the beam is sufficient to pass the test but mustn't be too large as to reduce the beam's ability to light the road ahead. His understanding is that beam benders would probably not work sufficiently well as they are not precise enough to bend accurately. Therefore he would accept durable, correctly placed blocking material to comply with the rules (which are the same for VCA compliance and MOT).
I have an imported LHD Ford Transit and it has recently passed the VCA compliance test on this basis. As I drive mainly on the Continent it seemed a bit of a pointless exercise to change the headlamps completely.

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