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mistycat 20-01-2015 12:49

ferry cost verses milage costs??
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Hey Guys,
Having to much time on my hands while recovering from a knee op,
so reading through the threads on Holland, I never thought of going via Hull,
so that was it I was off on a Stanner view of it,,
so the following spreadsheet, hope it works I am not very techno,
is my findings,
living in north wales, Hull is closer but the ferry trip is longer but a night in a bunk makes up for the time on the ferry, Dover is all driving,
so now I have the Delmar of what way to go, cost or save time or wear and tear on Molly,
So what do you reckon,
we are only going for a week to see the flower festival, so have made the calculations from Home to Lisse

ferry port -distance to ferry port- from ferry to destination -return milage -fuel cost -ferry cost -total -driving hours to ferry -from ferry to destination -total driving

Harwich-hook -330 -38 -736 -139.84 -288.10 -427.94 -5 1/2 -1 -6 1/2

Hull-rotterdam -203 -88 -582 -110.58 -346 -456.58 -3 -1/2 -2 -5 1/2

Dover-dunkirk -370 -203 -1146 -217.74 -100 -317.74 -6 -3 1/4 -9 1/4

van= 28 mpg
fuel= 1.15 perL
van= 6.16 mpl
van= 19p per mile

tried adding this in stead of you having to download spread sheet,

edited several times coz i'm thick

Stanner 20-01-2015 13:17

Re: ferry cost verses milage costs??

Originally Posted by mistycat
cost or save time or wear and tear on Molly,

van= 19p per mile

So what have you allowed for the other running costs?

This is why I use 30p mile as my rule of thumb.

It allows for fuel and all other incidental running costs.

I admit it was set when fuel was dearer, but I consider it is still a reasonable figure for comparison purposes - for MY vehicle.

It is not realistic to use only the cost of fuel.

And as for extra mileage on motorways I'm happy to allow 5p/mile just for the wear and tear on the driver these days.

Also I don't include the cost of a cabin, only a reclining seat (even if I book a cabin) if charged for, as that isn't a "necessity" but a "choice" and to my mind can unfairly sway the cost.

mistycat 20-01-2015 14:26

Hey Stanner,
thanks for the reply,
I understand the extra for wear and tear, might have to figure that one in, (whats you guess, 3 litre Peugeot boxer)
the two overnight ferries have cabins,
i was just using them to compare the different trips,
so if i take them off the cost hull would be the better way to go,
normally i wouldn't bother and just would have gone Harwich to hook thinking it was the only way
and being tight i would have then gone dover,
surprising when you sit down and do the homework, and i thought it was all about maps and routes,
:o :o :o

nicholsong 20-01-2015 16:29

You with Stanners help seem to be on top of the costs.

I just wonder whether you had considered the traffic in relation to the check-in times for the night crossings (does not apply to DVR-DUN as you can pick times to avoid M25 traffic..

With Hull you have to get round Manchester area to get to M62 and then there is traffic near Leeds before you get to M18.

I assume if you were doing Harwich you would do M56-M6-A50/500(to avoid B'ham section)-M1-A14 which only really has normal traffic problems on A50/500.

All of them - M62, M6 and M1/M25 can have non-normal problems but at least you could plan to avoid the ormal rush-hour congestion.


SteveandSue 20-01-2015 17:10

Ferry cost
Are you a member of the Caravan Club? If so have you looked at booking the Hull ferry through them and adding 7 Camping cheques first then your ferry crossing.

This then gives you their ITX rates that are usuallty much cheaper and you can use your camping cheques over the following 2 years.

We use the Hull ferry most often as we live in North Yorkshire and like your self its much closer.

You can also book a 4 berth cabin for the same price as a 2 berth that way you both can have a bottom bunk and much bigger cabin.

What ever you decide have a good trip.

Steve and Sue

mistycat 20-01-2015 17:48

Thanks Guys,

no matter where you go nowadays in the uk there's a hold up,
just glad we live in the country till we have to go away,
still thinking of Hull, as we have all day to get there, get the van out and just chill our way up, leaving Friday night coming back following sat night,
but thanks for the thought,

Steve and Sue,
we are in the C&CC and there price for the hull crossing is actually dearer then the P and O offer, odd but apparently don't get the discount because Friday night isn't the weekend?
they have also quoted premier bed cabins? not having been on one don't know but like the idea of the 4 bunk thing,

quick question, do the cabin have plug sockets?
so we can take our travel kettle and brew kit, not so much being tight but no body makes a decent brew on ferries,

thanks again

aldra 20-01-2015 18:51

I'm lost

Maybe too much wine

So which works out cheaper?.

No use to me anyway

The hound from hell hated the crossing when we did it

Took days to bring him back down

Unfortunately when he is agitated

He's even more the hound from hell

Do they have dog cabins ?


mistycat 20-01-2015 19:05

Not sure my self,
gone for Hull anyhow, just booked it cheaper than the C&CC price even after double checking with them, they might be able to price match !!
its nearer,
so less miles to the ferry, let the ferry take us to Holland and just up the road when we arrive,
and premier cabins for standard cost hopefully a nice snooze all the way over,
thanks guys

Mrplodd 20-01-2015 19:49

It boils down to one thing really.

You can save time OR money, never both. It all depends what value you place on your time.

I frequently do the maths as well. I live in Weymouth, to go via Dover (tunnel or ferry) the return cost is about 175. that's 200 miles each way for me. If I use Tesco vouchers then the crossing is "free" (yes I know I have paid for them really :roll: but I don't actually have to hand over any "money")

It takes a day out my holiday each way as its a 5 hour drive. However if I look to go from Poole or Portsmouth then the ferry cost (even if I do daytime sailings and save the cost of a cabin) the cost is well over 400.

So, what's the best option? 400 mile round trip to [email protected] (16 gallons of diesel at about 5 a gallon is 80) and a "free" crossing but a day out of holiday each way, OR a closer more expensive ferry at 450 and a saving of 2 days? 365 less cost versus two days "extra" holiday.

If I am going for a month then the travel to and from Dover (2 days) is worth it as the time to get there and back is a small percentage of my holiday, but if I only have 10 days do I sacrifice 20% of that time to save 365 (which buys a lot of meals/wine/campsite nights etc.) difficult eh??

(I have only taken the fuel cost into account, the other costs are very hard to quantify)

So basically there is no definitive/correct answer.


SteveandSue 21-01-2015 09:17

Hi Just to answer your question about sockets- yes there is usually only one its always been above the mirror and dressing table/ desk.

You will need your travel adaptor to use it so don,t forget to pack it with the kettle etc- we also take a small extension lead so that we can put the kettle on the floor for safety if its a rough crossing.

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