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peejay 14-04-2008 12:44

Umwelt Zone Summary & FAQ's

After lots of posts on the subject, this is an attempt to clarify the pollution sticker situation in Germany for UK Motorhomers and bring all the relevant info into one place.
Particular thanks go to Gerhard (Boff) for proof reading it for me and suggesting additional Information. Vielen Dank Gerhard!

General information and FAQ;

Umweltzone = Pollutuion Zone

Umweltplakette = Pollution Zone Sticker

Regardless of you being a visitor to Germany in your motorhome there is now a legal requirement for you to purchase and display an 'Umweltplakette' in the windscreen of your vehicle to enable you to travel with your motorhome within the stipulated inner areas of certain German Towns/Cities. Some Towns/Cities have already implemented the system and others will follow. Read the links at the bottom for more information of affected areas and the dates they come into effect.
Its worth noting that there is absolutely no obligation to buy a sticker to enter Germany itself, most folk will enjoy their travels without one - its only if you need to venture into the inner city areas that you will need to purchase a sticker.

Which vehicles qualify to display an 'Umweltplakette' ?

Most diesel vehicles registered Jan 97 onwards and all petrol vehicles fitted with a catylytic convertor. Older diesel vehicles Euro1 compliant or less and petrol vehicles not fitted with cataylytic convertors will have to satisfy authorities that appropriate measures have been taken to enable a relevant sticker to be issued.

Generally, what colour sticker can I expect to get for my motorhome?

Red Sticker; Diesel Vehs - Registered Jan 1997 - Dec 2000

Yellow Sticker; Diesel Vehs - Registered Jan 2001 - Dec 2005

Green Sticker; Diesel Vehs - Registered Jan 2006 to Present

All Petrol Vehs (with fitted catalytic convertor) Registered Jan 1993 to present will comply for a green sticker

If you are issued with a green sticker you can expect to be able to access vitually all inner city regions and less areas on a graduating scale with yellow and red stickers. Vehicles displaying no sticker will not be able to enter any umwelt zones.

How does it work?

At the begin of an Umwelt Zone you will find a sign like the one above. The upper part of the sign basically prohibits all vehicles that are affected from driving into the zone. The lower part then exempts all these vehicles from the ban that carry the appropriate sticker. German legislation requires that the signs are positioned so that when you see them you still have a chance to (legally) turn around and avoid entering the zone.

What if I don't display the required sticker and travel in an 'umwelt zone'?

You will be subject to a €40 fine and 1 point on your licence. Whether the endorsement will be transferred to the UK is not clear at the moment. The penalty point however only has relevance for permanent residents of Germany, so it might happen that for foreigners the fine is doubled. Be aware that it does not matter whether you are actually caught driving in the zone, or just parking.

How much does it cost and what do I need to purchase a sticker?

It will cost you €5 and you will need to present your V5C registration document or a photocopy if applying by post to obtain a sticker. The sticker will remain valid for the life of the vehicle and is valid for all Umweltzones througout Germany regardless of where you purchased it.

What do I do once I have received the sticker?

If not already done by the issuing authority, write your vehicle's registration number on the white field of the sticker, and then attach it "with its own adhesive" on the windscreen at a convenient place. Note that stickers not or not permanently attached to the windscreen - e.g. placed on top of the dashboard or attached with sticky tape - are NOT considered as valid.

What if I am on an Autobahn travelling through an 'Umweltzone', do I have to display a sticker?

No, all Autobahns that pass through umweltzones are currently exempt from the regulations.

Are there any exemptions relevant for motorhomers?

If you carry a motorcycle or scooter they are exempt.
In general, all motor vehicles having less than 4 wheels are exempt.
If your vehicle is being driven or is carrying passengers with a severe mobility or vision impairment you are exempt. Provided that you can prove this.

How do I get one of these 'stickers' ?

There are 2 options for you here;
1 - Purchase your sticker by post before your visit Germany.
2 - Purchase the sticker as you enter the country, or while you are transiting Germany.

Purchasing by post.....

Download and print off the following form....

.....fill out the relevant details, attach a photocopy of your V5C registration document (Do not send your original) and a €5 note and post it off. It would be prudent to allow at least 14 days possibly more for a reply. There have been some reports of delays but similarly many have received theirs promptly, the decision is yours.

**The above pdf link option has been removed by Koeln - I am looking for other options, update to follow**

Update - Since the above ammendment, I have only managed to find one possible online application at a cost of €14.99....

>TUV Sud Application<

All others i've found involve a costly BACS bank transfer, please pm me if you find another link and I'll update the post.

Purchasing whilst in Germany.....

Lots of options for you here, they are available from TÜV, DEKRA (German equivalent of MOT stations) and Zullassungsstelle (Veh registration centres). In addition they can also be purchased from many Vehicle Main Dealers. I got mine from the Ford main dealer in Goslar. The majority of these can usually be found on the outskirts of towns, often in the industrial areas.

Some of the following links are German, some English, but all are fairly self explanatory...

::TÜV stations North::

::TÜV Stations Rheinland or Mid::

::TÜV Stations South::

::Veh Registration Centres or Zulassungsstelle::

::DEKRA Centres:: and enter the req'd town in the box marked 'ort'.

If you have looked at the above links it will be apparent that there are many outlets where you can purchase your sticker, you should have no problem finding one.

Some useful links that might help;,en/

Above all, enjoy your stay in Germany, its a great country to explore in a motorhome.

Gute fahrt!


:wink: Bum covering statement - Please not that this is only my interpretaion of the current situation and should be used as a rough guide only. You should satisfy yourself accordingly that you comply with the relevant regulations.

bobandjane 14-04-2008 15:44

Hi pete . We also like Germany and downloaded the form on saturday. We have an old van so we only get a Red one. But I think for 5 euro its worth doing. I have no intention of taking the van in any areas of the Umweltzone = Pollutuion Zone in German Towns/Cities! By choice but we all end up in places we don't want to be! And a 40 euro fine can be avoided. We prefer to park and take the bikes as we need the exercise and it must be the only country that we have been to where I have seen an underground bicycle park! And Janes really happy she has just brought a german bike.

I like the : Bum covering statement

Very Good.

I will have to try this. Gute fahrt! Bob.

whistlinggypsy 14-04-2008 16:33

Peyjay, a wonderful and easily understood piece of information, well done to you and Gerhard (Boff) for this.

I myself sent off my application and a crisp €5 note too the Koln Stadt office and recieved my green disc in 11 days from posting.


bobandjane 28-04-2008 19:51

Umwelt Sticker.
I sent of for a Red one and they sent me a Yellow one result. Our van is a 1997. Nice lot me thinks and so easy better than doing over there. Thanks Bob.

olley 28-04-2008 20:37

Hi received mine Saturday and its a yellow one :cry: and I am petrol/lpg have they made a mistake? or is it engine size related? (8.1 litre.)


clianthus 28-04-2008 20:49


Received our Yellow sticker today, just over a week from posting. Great service and far easier than trying to sort it out while over there.

Thanks for the info peejay and Boff and for taking the time and trouble to post it in such an easily understood way.


peejay 28-04-2008 21:25


Originally Posted by olley
Hi received mine Saturday and its a yellow one :cry: and I am petrol/lpg have they made a mistake? or is it engine size related? (8.1 litre.)



Theres always one, trust you to test the system :lol: :roll:

As I interpret the information for petrol vehicles, it's nothing to do with engine size and you should only be issued with either a green sticker or no sticker at all depending on vehicle registration date. There doesn't appear to be any instances where a petrol vehicle qualifies for a red or yellow sticker that I can see, so I'm thinking its possible they have made an error :?

Maybe they have mistaken you for a diesel vehicle registered between 2001 - 2005/6 hence the yellow sticker (?)

Must be worth an email to query this.


bandaid 28-04-2008 23:16

This system is clearly doomed to failure, it will never work.

such a simple method just doesnt reflect completely or reasonably the true complexity of the problem of vehicle emmisions, especially when associated with the social and environmental situations within a modern city.

What they needed to do was quite simple.
Abandon the notion that coloured stickers will have any impact, and certainly not the diminutive cost and penalty for failing to confirm to these inadequate rules,

They should get Red Ken in and he'd show them how to alienate 90% of the vehicle driver/owners who come into the areas, and also charge the 250 Euros and make some real dosh,

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: actually its so easy its brilliant.

MandyandDave 28-04-2008 23:22

Top Man Pete, good stuff as always, ...most grateful!

Dave :wink: :wink:

Boff 29-04-2008 07:51


Originally Posted by peejay
As I interpret the information for petrol vehicles, it's nothing to do with engine size and you should only be issued with either a green sticker or no sticker at all depending on vehicle registration date.


Pete is absolutely right: Petrol driven vehicles, no matter the engine size, should receive either a green sticker or none at all. Probably they could not imagine that such big petrol engines actually exist, and thought it was a diesel.

Normally I would advise you to challenge their decision, however: It is not before 1st January 2010 that any difference will be made between vehicles bearing yellow and green stickers, and given the fact that this is still highly controversial in Germany, I do have some doubts that the whole scheme will survive that long.

Best Regards,

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