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We have a 10,000+ page UK website, mirrored in the USA. It is mainly for preservationists and the visitor numbers are quite high, but I'd say these days that websites are not much use unless you want to store information as a visual resource.

Very few people look for your kind of services by a Google search, most, like me would try and get a recommendation from someone they knew. I think that is backed up by your own experience.

Our company website is just a repository of data for people to look at, plus contact information. We only sell to order so nothing off the shelf and no card processing function.

We get plaqued with SEO emails daily, but quite honestly we know our market, we know who is going to spent 4k+ on a battery charger and if we had a whole page on Google it would just bring in loads of enquiries for the wrong things, just as Yellow Pages and other business directories did.

Local advertising might be a better bet, but it's difficult to know what market you are aiming at. If corporate then a targetted mailshot might be better for you, especially at the smaller end of the market. Estate Agents, small Solicitors and even try the factory estates, there are plenty of small ones around.

Also, look out for local computer repair and supply places, they might be worth cultivating for leads.

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