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I need urgent help and/or counselling NOW

I am not too sure how to admit to this guys but here goes.

Mrs Plodd and I have just returned home from friends and on the way, for some inexplicable reason, I suggested we stop off and look at ( this is REALLY hard for me to admit but......) CARAVANS and we DID exactly that (not bad but most seemed to have zero payload and be very flimsy construction compared to a MH)

I know I know but the thought occurred to me that as I often tow a Smart car why not get a ******* and a larger car to tow it with instead of Myrtle the motor home

I am now going to retire to a darkened room and meditate on the (serious) error of my ways but before I go.........

Has anyone else ever suffered from such dark thoughts or am I all alone in my misery of self doubt and self loathing??


Its not the destination that matters.

It's who you share the journey with (even if like me, it’s in a caravan!)
I am very fortunate to have Mrs Plodd to share mine with
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