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New year

Morning Campers,

We hope you all had a safe and trouble free journey home, we got home at 4pm, dumped the van and garden shed (aka Fiat Panda) on the drive and flopped in the armchair with big smiles on our faces.

This was not a rally, but a meeting of many friends. The atmosphere was fun, happy and jolly throughout and each and everyone of you made it so. So thank you one and all. X

A huge thank you to Ray and Lesley for all your hard work and support, who completed so many tasks from key holder to head dinner lady. To Dennis and Brenda for the great music and entertainment on the big night. To Resa, Eric, Chris and that little shy man Clive for the marathon quiz night. To all of you who mucked in and mucked out.

Best Wishes to you all for A Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Linda and Mike.


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