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saints76 14-02-2008 21:09

English language guidebook for California Exclusive LWB
Does anybody have an English language version of the guidebook for the LWB California Exclusive?
Just bought one in Berlin but the book is all in German, and very technical at that. Help!!

Grizzly 14-02-2008 21:19

This company might be able to help:

They say they are speicalists in Westfalia California LWB Hightops....


saints76 14-02-2008 21:58

Thanks Grizzly. I found them really helpful before I went to Germany to buy the van, and was going to ring them tomorrow as well. But cheers anyway.

Smilo 15-02-2008 03:17

I bet they'll run off a copy for you at no great cost.

CamperAli 21-02-2008 17:07

California Exclusive book in English
DMUK emailed me a handbook - if you don't get a response (you probably will) - contact me and I'll try and send it on (nb large file)

We've had ours for nearly a year (and not used it anywhere near enough), but it is fab, comfy, everything fits in, and once we had some initial work done, runs well (touch wood)..the only scary part is filling the tank, but it seems to get good mileage. Did take me ages to work out how to open the water inlet though...

saints76 11-03-2008 15:19

DMIUK would not send me a copy, so I would be really grateful if you could send the file, I know you said it is large. Never having done this before, can you reply with it as an attachment?!!
Cheers, Geoff
PS What was that about the water inlet? I can get a water supply to the wash sink, but not to the cooking sink. Is ther a simple answer to that?

CamperAli 11-03-2008 21:16

English handbook
What's your email address?
It's 7.4 MB file.

I've no idea about the water supply I'm afraid (I was struggling to undo the cap in order to fill the tank....)

CamperAli 11-03-2008 21:24

Handbook as attachment
Just going to see if this works...
Seems the attachment is too big, sorry.

saints76 12-03-2008 10:36

Hi Camperali
That's really helpful and in the true tradition of vannies looking after vannies! I relly need this guide as I do not know how to work some of the camping bits like the fridge and the central electronic board. Even compressing the file would not reduce it enough to send by email, I think. If you could save it to a floppy and put it in the post, I would gladly pay the cost and return the favour in some way. My address is 68 Peterborough Road, Southampton, SO14 6HX and name is Geoff Lindsay. We had a T25 for 8 years and a T25 for 7 years so we know loads of good tips, so anything I can do just give a shout.

Many thanks, Geoff

Smilo 14-03-2008 15:28


Originally Posted by saints76
We had a T25 for 8 years and a T25 for 7 years....

That's just plain greedy, Geoff.

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