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Originally Posted by clownsean
Hi frenchfancy, my wife and I have just purchased a Tandy 640 Plus. Pleased with it up to now ( after handing a snagging list back to the supplier for 11 faults ). We've got the Fiat 2.8 Diesel engine and it seems to be doing approx 25 MPG. What model did you buy?

Hi. I would interested to know if your 640 has air conditioning, and if you've had any problems with it. I picked a Tandy 670 up in April and it leaked water in the cab when the aircon was on. Also the fuel pump packed up the first time I tried to go anywhere. Passenger door badly fitted and several other more minor problems.

Had to cancel tour of Ireland, never went anywhere except Fiat garage.

In about nine weeks of its life it has spent five in garages being pulled apart whilst they attempt to fix it.

Have rejected and asked for money back, but not having much joy, for some reason they think I have accepted this disaster.

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