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The TOW BALL is what you seem to be referring to. It is about 2inches (50mm) in diameter and weighs a couple of pounds/1 kilo.

It is fastened to a TOW BAR by a couple of high tensile bolts (probably 14mm head-size?). These will be fairly easy to remove.

The tow bar is fastened to the CHASSIS, which is the main support for everything else. The geometry of the metal tow bar will vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but could easily weigh 50lb/25kg. This is what has been referred to in earlier posts.

The electrics (which are needed to operate the lights on the trailer, or whatever) are probably also fastened to the tow bar: removing these MAY be a more complex job and a wrong move could affect your entire electrical system.

As previously stated, hitting something whilst reversing (or having someone come into the back of you) will result in less damage to your vehicle if you have a tow ball in situ.

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