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Two years ago we did Cairns to Brisbane and then Sydney to Melbourne with a plane hop in between.

When we planned it we actually decided to do car + motels, campsite rooms etc rather hire a Camper. Better fuel consumption, overall cheaper and concerns about campsite facilities because of the distance we were covering and that to visit Fraser Island and the Whitsundays we would be leaving the camper on site for a day or two whilst we were elsewhere.

We found that some of the places we stayed had some cooking facilities and we generally found somewheree to stay quite easily. Meals out were expensive ( altho I think the exchange is a bit better now ) and in many towns the RSI clubs were open to tourist and had good value meals etc ( equivalent British Legion ).

There would have been more places to stop in a Camper than our initial enquiries suggested, but it was along way to drive and easier in a car depending on the time you have available.

have a great time alan
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