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Originally Posted by RobD
. . ."Another word of advice, watch your speed. You can be 200 miles from civilisation in the middle of nowhere but you WILL pass a police car with a speed gun. They are very keen"
I second that . . In a one horse (or should that be Kangaroo) town, I was done for speeding, cost me 175Aus dollars but I swear I was just under the limit - the fuzz thought different

Why not consider joining the 'Youth Hostal Association" here in UK & getting the affiliation to the Australian YHA -
they have some really decent comfortable hostels all along the coast & in towns & cities -in fact if your going to Sydney you MUST make a reservation at this hostel, absolutely fantastic views (which the hotel just down the road charges twice the price).

4minutes walk down to the harbour & opera house -fantastic !
Ps/ don't bother going to Bondi beach . . I've seen better waves in Cornwall !

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