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We did it 12 years ago but it may be slightly different now.

After a couple of weeks Car rental and Motels/B & B etc, South of Sydney, we flew up to Brisbane and rented a Motorhome from Maui-Rentals then drove up to Cairns where we left it at their depot there avoiding the 2000 mile return trip.

It was August (their winter but as warm as our summer) and we had no need to pre book campsites. They were widely available and not over busy. There were plenty places to wild camp but we never did any because exchange rates were good and campsites were cheap and clean. We much preferred the motorhome leg of our trip than the car rental one.

Australia is a vast country and it will take a long time to drive between towns. There is only bush and wilderness between towns unlike this country where often, one merges with another. So make sure you're well stocked with food, water and fuel.

Another word of advice, watch your speed. You can be 200 miles from civilisation in the middle of nowhere but you WILL pass a police car with a speed gun. They are very keen.

Enjoy your trip.

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