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Mot Cooling Road Service Station.

Just had the MOT for my Burstner I821 completed and passed today at Cooling Road Service Station Rochester ME2 4RL.

I would recommend the centre for MOT for any motorhome as the testing is over a pit. It used to be an HGV Commercial Garage so plenty of headroom and parking.

However the thing that makes me recommend the service station is the aftercare in the event of an incident. As the tester exited by the passenger door his belt somehow caught in the metal chrome internal opening handle and snapped it off. The manager came and told me what happened, apologised, and told me that it will be replaced free of charge. The tester then saw me and could not apologise enough, he was quite embarrassed. The owner has just rung and again apologised and again reiterated that it will be replaced free of charge. I did explain that it will be difficult finding the part. I offered to source the part as I'll probably find it quicker. He again offered to pay for and fit the part free of charge. I also got a free MOT.
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