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MH with the best view for the rear passengers

Hi all, OK, first post, hopefully not duplicating. I'm interested in what people think is the best MH for views for the people travelling in the back.

We live in NZ and are looking to import a MH from the UK. We have a 7 and 9 year old and whilst they couldn't care less about what they can see out of the window as long as they have any kind of device starting with an I, we are keen to encourage them to look at the fairly spectacular scenery we have pretty much all over the country.

We want a 6 berth (for the extra room) which must have 3 point seatbelts in the back and want a garage for the bikes/kayaks. Also must be self contained (waste tank) or you can only stay in RV parks. Can be up to 4500Kg

We have rented a C class with an overhead cab which the kids loved but was also thinking about an A class for the extra visibility.

Budget between 30 to 40K sterling. All help much appreciated.
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