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There are various additive systems for diesels, but it's early years in terms of what can be done and I wouldn't jump into that unless I had some significant benefits waved under my nose.

The secret to a decent diesel installation is to get the right sized engine in the first place, not the cheapest which ends up struglling with the weight of a motorhome.

Pros: Cheaper fuel, longer periods between oil changes and much cleaner engine internally.

Cons: Having to find LPG when you need it, range limited by tank size.

We run a 4.0litre V8 Discovery on LPG, we have 48 litres available which lasts us a couple of weeks running round, but with the big trailer on we are down to 100 miles or so per fill.

We also retained the original fuel tank so we have a full petrol tank available as well as the LPG. Running out of LPG and not having enough petrol to get to a garage is a bit of a nightmare!

In Europe, LPG is far more available than in the UK, with the possible exception of Spain and some of the Eastern European countries.

We are used to it now and accept the shorter times between fills, and know where and when to fill up on most of our regular runs.

Irrespective of the cost, it is worth doing for the longer engine life alone, which people don't factor in. Our engine oil lasts longer on LPG and the engine interior is extra clean as we run on diesel oil.

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