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Got home from our latest trip into Brittany on Saturday. Bought a Motorhome WiFi omi directional fixed antenna with Iboost router the week before we left. I fitted the antenna so I could raise and lower the antenna from the main roof skylight, it takes seconds. It takes longer to wind the window open! First test was at Honfleur the first night. There were some 30 odd signals picked up and 4 of those were 'open'.

I did order the Fonera box but it did not arrive before we left. I tried to log in to the 'Fon hotspots' and managed easily to get to the login screens. If I had my Fon box set up at home I believe I could have logged in easily. Next test was our destination where we knew the login details. Logged straight in first time and held a good connection all week apart from during the heavy rain we had. Distance to the hotspot was about 400meters. Bonus was the range of the wireless on the 'Iboost router' some 30 meters outside of the Motorhome before it dropped out. The Iboost software is a little quirky but if you follow the clear instructions its no problem.

Now have the Fonera Fon box connected to my internet connection. registered and logged in. Yet to try to log in to a BT spot yet but will try it over the next few days. So far very happy.
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