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Staying in Maribor

We are currently staying just outside Maribor (about a mile away) at a small restraurant/guesthouse by the river Drava. We biked into Maribor along the path by the river to the city, which is very attractive with most of the centre being the 'old town' - which is also still the modern working town centre.

We are on our second night tonight, and while they say they would like people staying to take a meal (otherwise there is no charge), we were more than happy to eat at the restaurant again tonight, having both had an excellent steak accompanied by wine at 1 euro a glass.

If you're coming this way we can recommend

Gostina Koblarjev Zaliv at Kamnica at N 45.56560; E 15.61908

PS - they also do very good ice cream in Maribor!
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