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Originally Posted by Vinnythehat
You say you were overcharged, presume this was at an official checkpoint , would it not have prices on any official documentation ?
Here's hoping we will not require the accident report, but you are right in not ever admitting any responsibility.
We bought the vignette at a garage, which although an official selling place was not a checkpoint. From what I remember of the overcharge we were charged for the next highest vignette rather than the one we were given. It could of course have been a genuine mistake. We should have checked before we left the garage.
In Slovakia, Czech Republic and Hungary we have bought vignettes since they were introduced.. They are a reasonable price and depending on where you are going can make the journey much more smooth. It is of course great to get off the beaten track and not use motorways but they are handy for travelling longer distances. I do remember driving through these countries years ago when they had no vignettes, indeed no motorways that I can recall!
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