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Originally Posted by Vinnythehat
PS. Just reading up on Slovakia tolls and it seems if you are over 3.5 tons and classed as a motor caravan on your V5C, and not capable carrying more than 9 passenger !, then no tolls at all !!...bring it on....
My understanding too - good enough for me!

We are in Slovenia now (at a little restaurant near Maribor [Kamnica] , with a view of the river (it's in Camperstop). Just had an excellent steak in there at much less than UK price, wine at 1 euro a glass.

We are over 3.5 tonnes. We have used 'no tolls' on sat-nav; it brought us on motorway round Lubjana, but no problem as there is no toll on that bit. If you use tolled motorway you must pay in cash (unless you have HGV 'fuel-card type payment), but I'm sure that would work out cheaper than a month's vignette anyway.

Tomorrow we head for Hungary. My understanding (following email to their toll company) is that ALL roads are chargable for over 3.5 tonnes, but Motorhomes have to have a vignette. Policing is by mobile number plate regognition cameras. I'll post something when we've got there - hopefully having 'cracked' the system
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