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Map for Croatia

One of the nicest things to do is to take the local ferries from peninsula to island and on to other islands and peninsulas . . .

. . . the sea is a fabulous pale aquamarine, the islands are stuffed with history, you can't book the ferries in advance but just have to turn up and pay cash, but they aren't all that expensive . . . all run by Jardolinja Lines.

About the only time you get a free overnight is at the ferry port when waiting for a 6 am ferry.

Otherwise, you really do have to use campsites, they are ex-Communist countries and extremely safe but very law-abiding.

There is one restaurant, with a sign of a Sucking Pig outside, about 2 km before Plitvice lake complex, and they let you park up there if you eat there, and the food is pretty good.

Suggested reading : Rebecca West, "Black Lamb Grey Falcon", written in 1941, about a journey through Yugoslavia just before the war, throws light on the fascinating and cmplex history of the region, extremely readable.

Slovenia is lovely too, quite different, calm and peaceful and old-fashioned, and Ljubljana is gorgeous !

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