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The advise i was given was LAYOUT LAYOUT LAYOUT.

I spent nearly two years looking at what van to buy, all the time saving up....

We nearly went with a 6 berth and a rear garage, but after looking through the dealers and the NEC show, we went with a 7 berth with fixed bunks.

My missus wanted the biggest van possible as she likes her space, and the bunks will be areas for the kids.

I decided to buy in November whenno one is buying so maximise my deal. It worked, but i missed a few bits in the poor light.

Since my son was born i always hear people tell me " you cant do that with children". My aim is to stick two fingers up and prove them wrong.

We have put a few toys, books and a mini motorhome toy which keeps him happy. We also have a 12v tv and a selection of DVD's.
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