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Originally Posted by Jezport
Things a prospective motorhome buyer may not think about before buying (We didn't).

1. Motorhomes can be used for daytrips and evening trips
2. You can have everything ready before leaving. Water, Toilet, Heat
3. You would be surprised where you can ge a motorhome. We have been to the Western Isles of Scotland/Narrow roads in Cornwall etc.
4. The majority of owners keep their vans at home. So you cam load and prepare at leisure.
5. If your car is being serviced you still have the van.
6. Unlike caravans you can camp in areas with no water/toilet etc as you have everything.
7. You are more likely to camp in the middle of areas with amazing beauty in a motorhome. We camped up in the mountains on the isle of Harris and next to a beach on Mull.
8 Motorhomers talk to each other on sites and about, caravanners can be a bit snotty and spend all day polishing the Volvo
This is one of the most helpful pointer lists I have read so far. Thanks for posting.
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