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Not in the handbook ...

Hi all!
I'm a recently retired ex-caravanner and new IH motorhome owner.
It's a 2010 Tio RL, bought 6 months ago, with which we're really pleased.
A few tips arising from use, that I've not found in the IH handbook.
1) making up the double bed is a snug fit for cushions across the van.
Having the larger base cushions peak in an inverted V gives you more leverage to squash them down into place!
2) if you make long single beds, you need somewhere to store the long backrests overnight. The overcab locker, vacated by the bedding, is ideal!
3) there's a very useful 'boot', but sometimes you need more storage space inside to retain bulky items (think 'Ikea''!). The freestanding tabletop slots snugly across the gap between the seats, just rearwards of the step.
Apologies if i'm stating the obvious, but for me, at least, 2 above was a 'lightbulb moment'! Maybe other, more experienced RLers can add some of their own???
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