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Originally Posted by Senator
Originally Posted by premiermotorhomes
Good afternoon Senator,

I am unable to assist directly with your enquiry, but I would recommend emailing Dometic via [email protected] for assistance. To assist them it maybe beneficial to attach a photograph of the serial number plate on the air con, located on the black base of the main body of the unit towards the front.

Hi Chris

Thanks for the reply.

I noted that the instruction mention this data plate, and I have removed the internal cover to reveal the black base but there is no sign of this data plate.

Is it perhaps on the side of this black base and visible on the outside only? That being the case I would need to get on the roof and lay on my side to see it I guess? It's raining here in Worthing so can't do it at the moment - is there bright sunshine in the Witterings heading our way?

By the way the oven shelf fits a treat

Good afternoon Mark,

I should have been more explicit in my original post, the plate is visible externally on the main body of the appliance and is about the same sizeish as a VIN plate.

I have to provide the rather unfortunate news that we will not be sending you any bright sunshine your way, as the description of your weather fits ours perfectly and I can't see it improving this afternoon.

Cabby, the Blizzard range which originated from Waeco many years ago has as you have identified been superceded by the more compact Freshjet range. We don't sell any great numbers of air cons, but cumulatively we are fortunate enough not to have had any issues with any units sold that I can recollect and I believe them to generally be a reliable unit.


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