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Originally Posted by Stanner
Originally Posted by eurajohn
Yep as I said everyone is entitled to an opinion and that is yours.
No better or worse than mine, just yours.
Yep, just wait until yours starts sticking and then refusing to extend and/or retract the first day after you set off on a trip.

Then you may (or may not) appreciate mine.

I used to have the same opinion as you..................
Wasn't going to bother to reply to you but just like everyone is entitled to an opinion, everyone's capabilities are different.
I am particularly adept mechanically and more than capable to repair most anything that can be repaired or more to the point maintained.
If maintained most things mechanical will work as intended, it's when you neglect things that they are likely to fail you.
As Kev previously said a mudflap will prevent most of the grit and mud that causes the damage add to that some occasional loving care cleaning and lubricating and you'll not suffer the problems you have previously experienced and fear.

Your current vehicle and some others have a door threshold low enough as to enable easy entry without extra additions, whereas most do not.
Apart from the problem highlighted by Kev plastic steps can often be down right dangerous, I've seen quite a few discarded in the rubbish because they have collapsed.

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