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Originally Posted by eurajohn
Everyone is entitled to an opinion and mine is that I wouldn't be without an electrically operated step!

I have very recently had to replace the step on my van a single fold out the best price I found was from a German eBay supplier delivered for €201, most other prices for UK were well in excess of £200 plus delivery.

As to retro fitting one it will depend on what fixing is available on your vehicle, it may be as simple as drilling 4 holes and bolting in place or having to make bespoke framework to support it. The price it costs will reflect the time and materials used, the actual wiring up is not complicated and the kit supplies all necessary hardware, switches, relays etc.
But what can your external electric step do that my internal, fixed, moulded in, waterproof step can't?

Ohh yes, I remember it can go wrong and cost a lot to fix/replace.

Been there, done that and got the bills to prove it - total waste of payload and money.
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