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Insurance - give me strength!

We have recently bought another more expensive MH and we pick it up in about a weeks time.

The Insurance policy on the 'old' MH runs out about a couple of days after we get the newer MH and vehicle details will, of course, be different from last year and I'm a year older so I expect the premiums to be higher.

But as I attempt to find a good deal I get bemused by the range of questions asked by different companies.

Some ask if I, or the co-pilot, have health problems but others don't.

One won't even give me a quote because the new MH doesn't have a GPS tracker.

One asked how many years I'd driven a MH presumably to check my competence to drive a vehicle bigger than a car but gave me no space to explain I'd driven many vans as large, or even larger, than a MH as a delivery driver for many years.

Some ask about previous accident claims in either the past three or five years - and others don't.

Then I find Comfort and MHF insurance both use Aviva - but I get different figures from them with a like-for-like policy.

I've avoided comparison web sites and stuck to the insurance companies mentioned on Motorhome forums but it's like pulling teeth to find the best/better quotes does a glass of red or amber nectar close to hand help in any way?

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