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Thanks for the replies so far guys!

Jev -

"If I set off slowly under light throttle, it changes into 2nd gear, then when the accelerator is depressed there is no power from the engine for a few seconds, I also sometimes get it when moving slowly in traffic and start to accelerate in 2nd gear. I have posted on this site asking if anybody else has the same vehicle and the same problem. Im not sure if it is a fault or they all do it, my local Renault dealer cant find anything wrong. "

I test drove a Renault base motorhome at the weekend:-

In response to Jev's comment above, the one I drove was the 125bhp version on the auto box with 14miles on the clock, the engine started fine, using the auto side of the box I selected first gear and slowly accelearated away, as the gearbox changed up to 2nd there was a slight pause/delay prior to engaging and carrying on. This was prominent in all gears but once I realised that this is how it is supposed to be (and not a fault/breakdown in process) you quickly forget about it, adapt and drive. Needlessly to say it drove faultlessly, smoothly and very nicely - it does not seem detriment to the operation and certainly hasn't put me off - I actually thought it drove very well.
Jev - if you are still concerned perhaps find a motorhome with this gear box on a dealers forecourt and take it for a test drive to compare..........

The Renault van only has a single din for the radio/stereo but having looked on line it is possible to buy a media system that fits into this space with a pop out 7" monitor which can then be used to watch dvd's and also connect up a reversing camera. It is also possible to buy a sat nav box that works with this unit but the cost of this may outweigh the benefit.

I didn't drive the van for long enough to determine the fuel economy but there is no reason for it to be any worse than my current 2011 Fiat base vehicle.

The Renault drove smoothly, was easy to drive and responded well.
The dash may seem to have more plastic than the Fiat but you do get cup holders - Yaaaaaay!!!
The door pockets aren't as deep as the fiat's and are therefore more usable when driving (unless of course you have monkey arms! )
The dash can be supplied with the 'wooden' decor and the Renault can be supplied with both driver and passenger airbags, cruise control, aircon, computer (including outside temperature) and all other fitments on the Fiat.

In conclusion (my conclusion) it makes a great alternative to the Fiat for a motorhome base vehicle so I shall be keeping an open mind when I buy my next motorhome.

Hope this helps some others who may be considering a change.
Lastly, for my view, when I parked the Renault next to a Fiat and compared the two, the Renault looked more fresher! Could just be that it was different...........


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