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I have a 2013 Master Van DCI 125 Quickshift and I used to have a 2007 Fiat X250, Lunar Champ. First impressions were that the Fiat drove more like a car, and the controls were very light, the Renault is also nice to drive with the Quickshift, however it does seem like a bus sometimes due to the long wheelbase and the steering seems to have a lot of turns lock to lock.

I am at present experiencing a minor problem with how it drives, but only when the ambient temperature is above 14 degrees C.

If I set off slowly under light throttle, it changes into 2nd gear, then when the accelerator is depressed there is no power from the engine for a few seconds, I also sometimes get it when moving slowly in traffic and start to accelerate in 2nd gear. I have posted on this site asking if anybody else has the same vehicle and the same problem. Im not sure if it is a fault or they all do it, my local Renault dealer cant find anything wrong.
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