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Maybe not a fair comparison, but here is my experience:

Fiat Ducato-based '03 reg Burstner with 2.8jTD engine against Renault Master '07 reg Adria with the 150HP engine.

These 2 vans fall either side of a model change and face lift for both brands, so improvements will have been made to the Fiat which I haven't been able to compare.

The Renault-based van is my favourite of the two - it handles far better, doesn't suffer any judder problems (nor did the '03 reg Fiat), and the driver is sat much higher to the road. We have ISRI seats fitted and these, with a long-legged engine/gearbox, make driving a pleasure. The van is 7.3m long and handles like a well-behaved estate car.

OK - I'm biassed, but I did once drive my daughter's '08 Burstner 747 that was based on the X250 Fiat Ducato and still prefer my Renault Master-based van.


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