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Hi all. Special thanks again for taking the time to reply. Bit of a new experience getting here. Asked at service stations approaching borders and nothing there. Turned off motorway just before crossing border on motorway and went to a garage and couple shops. Told no vignette there that it was 5 km on the motorway. Everything around the border crossing there was closed down too and seemed like a ghost town. We decide to get back on motorway and retrace our steps only to find we could only go back towards zagreb so a bit of reversing and we then pulled up at the ghost town border crossing again. Croatian officials said that they didnt know where to buy vignette in hungary. They had a token gesture look in van and passports then waived us on. When we got to Hungarian border we stopped and that was more deserted and nobody came out so we just drove in on the number 7 road. We saw sign for vignette so followed it and ended up in a residential street with all the locals staring so gave up and made tracks to get on hungarian motorway. We got on and drove for about 6-10 miles and saw a vignette sign so we got off motorway again and followed signs to a hotel! They were selling the vignette. Girl gave me a months ticket and said ok for under 3.5 ton. So we paid 20euroes! Now I will worry if we get stopped and they see 3.8 ton. She didnt want to see my log book or anything so fingers crossed. Seems its like buying a tax disc. On reflection we would have been better staying on the motorway. Anyway we are here and pulled into Camp Panorama near Hevis Its 16 euroes with electric and a tiny pool to cool down in and no mosquitoes so far. Thanks again all. Chris
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