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We had a slight leak a couple of weeks back, parked slightly nose-down. It was raining hard AND blowing a gale. We had a small amount of water drip through the headlining above the cab in the corner close to the large overcab window.

It could have come in anywhere above the headlining, it just managed to pool in the corner that was lowest.

We do get water pooling on the roof, but it doesn't seem to leak. It appears to be the combination of heavy rain AND wind that has forced the rain in somewhere.

My suspicion (as yet unproven) is that it wasn't actually anything to do with the Heki, as that appears to have been taken out and re-sealed by the previous owner, but instead is something to do with the plate where the roof bars attach to the overcab.

Has anyone removed the headlining from a Knaus Sun Ti? Is it just held in place with velcro?

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