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I genuinely do not have a clue and would suggest that few people on here are likely to have the detailed knowledge that you seek, however a couple of things come to mind for me.....

firstly, the water systems are controlled by EITHER a pressure switch in the system OR microswitches built into each outlet - tap / shower etc.

I do not know what system your caravan has.....

secondly, many pumps incorporate the pressure switch inside them and, in motorhome certainly, there is a pressure reservoir to smooth out the fluctuations caused by the pump to give a smooth flow from the taps, I do not know if you have the same system,

thirdly, have you replaced the pump with an identical one? My reason for asking that is that different pumps will drain a different amount, if the one you have fitted takes more than the previous one then the fuse is likely to blow whenever it starts since the current drain is initially greater than when running/.

Sorry not to be able to help, but I will request that this thread is moved to the caravan section Of Motorhome Facts.

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