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Status Aerial

What has been said so far is about right but do unhook the amplifier off the wall, it lifts up and then comes away off the keyhole slots. Check that the cable going to the tv is plugged in to the UHF/TV socket Not the VHF/Radio one. Also I notice that they have now added an attenuator or signal reducer switch. It is marked as Low / High so leave that in high for now.

As people have said , look out at other aerials especially ones on fixed buildings and point yours the same way with the mast pushed right up.

Make sure the tv is set to Digital then do a retune and you should start to see channels being listed. I think the max I ever see is 93 tv + about 30radio.

The tv should have something like an info button on the remote and this should then display signal strength and quality. If you can see this then slowly rotate for best or most consistent quality. You might then need to retune and you should get more channels.

Oh I forgot. The little handle at the bottom of the mast allows the whole outside assembly to tilt so that you can get horiz or vert polarization. Again its a case of copying other properly installed aerials. ( I have known however whole streets to be wrong, all the riggers playing copy the leader!) Fully clockwise is Horizontal. The leaflet is a bit odd because it seems to still be in the analogue age. Digital is a rather different
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