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If Collecting Someone from Bordeaux/Merignac Airport

Hi there,

on our trip to France last year we collected my mother from Bordeaux airport in our motorhome. For any of you who wish to do this in the future here is how you can manage it.

Firstly, you cannot stop in front of the airport building - only airport bus can get kerbside. Parking areas P1, P2, and P3 have height restrictions. So head to the P4 long term car park. It is served by a direct shuttle to and from the airport terminal and the bus runs every 15 mins.

P4 was pointed out to me by a fellow motorhomer who spotted me doing my second drive around trying to find a place to park up. He stuck his head in the window while I paused at pedestrian crossing outside the airport to let people cross. He told me about P4. When I got to the barrier at P4 I made an attempt to go into the car park but as I approached the entrance ( no height barrier ) I noticed there would be very very little, or no space, given my width including mirrors ( I have a Hobby on an 06 Ducato ). So I reversed back. However all was not lost. As you will see from the attached photos there is adequate space next to the barriers for one vehicle to stop. I parked there and stayed with the wagon while my wife and daughter caught the bus to the terminal. The bus stop faces the barriers.

Hope some people find this useful in future.



P4 pic 1

P4 pic 2

P4 pic 3
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