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Originally Posted by Kev_n_Liz
I'm beginning to think this thread is a wind up, I asked in the 3rd post what the attraction is, we are now onto page 3 and others have also asked what it's all about, but no responses from those who are naturist so far.
I suspect the real Naturists are keeping out of the thread and are sat back tutting and rolling their eyes at our schoolboy "carry on" attitude to their pastime (hobby, habit?? whatever).

Ill have a go at anything once (several times if it feels good). My first visit to a nudist beach was when I was just 16 on a Cricket tour. Me and my pal who was 17 were the youngest on the tour and you have to remember that back then (1982) we didn't have the internet so suddenly been able to look at real women was a big thing for us (literally). All we wanted to do was put our shades on and ogle woman (usually while lying face down). I still feel the same now and Im 47. They say its all natural and in no way sexual. Maybe for some but lets face it. If they look like the women in TM's photo (although maybe not circa 1976) any blokes going to ogle.

Or maybe its just me?

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