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We have a SEA Mobilvetta New Life 1 which is basically a re-branded McLouis parts bin special.

The electrics control panel is even branded McLouis as is the electric step.

It is without doubt an entry level motorhome. The cabinets/walls are made of much lighter construction that the better brands and the seats/bed foam are just basic foam slabs in a nice fabric with no shaping.

I have to say though that it is very well equipped considering it is entry level. and has been great for the 3 years we have owned it.

It suits us really well as there are only two of us and handles being invaded by nieces and nephews perfectly well.

I would definitely recommend them to others who want to get motor-homing but don't want to spend the fortunes that can be spent. Or those who want a newer van for the same money as an older "better" brand.
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