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Hi to one and all. I must confess to not having done a review or report of this kind before so bear (is that the correct bear or should it be bare ?)with me and I will begin...
we've just bought a Lagan 410, just like the one that we had 5 years ago before we moved up as we thought, 5 years on and we just bought, unknowingly, our own van back 8000 miles since we sold it.
Its just as good as when we sold it and can't wait to be 'on the road again' after we make a few improvements.
This van does exactly what we want, no frills but everything works first time and it has lots of open-ness for a small van, all the electrics are foolproof, both the heater and the water heater are easy to operate and they work!! In fact everything is easy to operate and indeed everything still works, the van is a 2004 with 17000 miles on.
Comfort is good especially for two people, the foam is still firm and the overhead bed is brilliant. As regards fuel economy, well it manages approx 25 mpg towing a small trailer with an old classic bike on the back, driven at a reasonable speed most of the the time with the occasional push (if you can call it that) of 65-70ish, Without the trailer it doesn't make much difference and manages 27.5.
The cooker is adequate with 3 rings and a grill and the fridge is on the small side but it's fine for us. Storage space is good inside and the storage compartment outside is massive.
The overhead bed is also huge but we need a better ladder with wider rungs, it is really comfortable though with good headroom and lots of room
Toilet/shower room is great although only myself has used the shower but I think it works well.
Wardrobe space is good and because the heater vent is in there then it serves as a good drying area for wet jackets etc.
It is such a doddle to drive that I'm trying to get Brenda to drive it but it's proving to be a problem just now.... I will not be beaten on this, I realise that I'm a mere man person and as such a sub human but I will get her to drive this M/home or my name is not Abraham Lincoln.. So there.
Also being only 18 feet long (give or take a few inches) we can park up in a normal bay, just watch out for the height barriers.. seems to be an awful lot more room in this van than the compass thingy that was longer, hmm, maybe it's one of those optical thingymajigs.
(another lager is going down nicely here, but I digress..)
This van is listed as a 5 berth but no way on earth is this suitable for 5 people and i don't care how friendly they are, even 2 adults and 2 kids would be a struggle in my humble opinion but everone has different opinions so take yer pick. For me and my much better half this van is perfick, she can play on her ipad thingy and I can read my kindle thingy and we can all live happily ever after, ( or until the gas runs out).
To sum up... yes we've gone full circle including the canal barge that eats time and money and now we've decided that simple and small is best for us.
(big was never an option for me anyway but I always said that it was quality.. not quantity that counts)
Apologies for going on but I've started so i wanted to finish, hope this is of some interest to someone.
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