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Re: Autosleeper Executive 1998

Originally Posted by smick
GVW was given as 3200g in July 99, which is the earliest I have. Can't think it would be different to that.

Ahhhhh. Just saw this post again and following my problems thought best to post an update.

I bought our Executive based on the gross weight being 3200kg. In fact the ACTUAL weight of our van was 2789kg. That meant the import duty was not 50 (as this only applied to vehicles over 3000kg) but 13.5% of the assessed value of the vehicle, i.e. 3250. A costly mistake.

So to others thinking of doing this be warned that the GVW is the maximum safe amount that the chassis can carry, it is NOT the actual weight of the van. (I eventually found all this information in the van handbook, which I only read once I became the owner of the Executive).
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